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4 Signs You Need a New Truck

4 Signs You Need a New Truck | Greer, SC

If you drive a truck like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, you know how great it is. However, your loyal truck won’t last forever. As much as you might dread it, you will have to replace your trusty pickup eventually. Here are 4 signs you need a new truck.

  1. Expensive repairs. If you are spending most of your extra cash keeping your truck running, it might be time to put that money to better use and upgrade to a new truck. Consider how much a monthly truck payment would cost you. If your repair costs are close to or above that number, you are spending too much on repairs.
  2. Rust and corrosion. Trucks withstand a lot of tough conditions. However, years of driving through muddy puddles, over salty roads, and near water leaves a mark with rust and corrosion. If there are spots on your truck that have become more rust than metal, you might be thinking about the spectacular finish on a new Chevrolet Colorado.
  3. Failing performance. If it feels like your truck struggles to reach highway speeds or has a hard time towing heavy loads, these could be signs your truck’s engine is wearing out.
  4. Dread getting behind the wheel. Perhaps your truck is in decent shape, but you just dread driving it every day. Maybe its features don’t work well with your lifestyle anymore. However you are feeling, an upgrade to a Silverado sounds really good.

Looking to upgrade to a new pickup? Turn to Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick GMC in Greer. We’re your destination in Greer, South Carolina, for trucks including the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, GMC Sierra and Canyon, and even the all-electric GMC HUMMER EV Pickup.

Fall Driving Tips to Follow in Greer, SC

Fall Driving Tips to Follow in Greer, SC

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in South Carolina, especially if you drive into the mountains. Whether you are planning a spectacular fall road trip or just dodging soggy leaf debris every day, here are some fall driving tips to help you reach your destination safely.

Back-to-school kids

The school year is in full swing now. However, back-to-school traffic and kids walking to school can be unpredictable. This is particularly true if there are young drivers who are still learning the rules of the road. As an experienced driver, pay extra attention when driving near school zones and always stop for school buses with flashing red lights.

Animal collisions

According to State Farm Insurance, drivers in South Carolina have a 1 in 68 chance to hit an animal. Autumn is the worst time of year for animal collisions, with November having the most animal collisions out of any month. Early dusk is the most likely time to see deer near the roads.

Autumn leaves

While the autumn leaves are beautiful, the mess they leave on the roadways is not. Leaves can clog drains and cause water to collect on the road. In addition, wet leaves create a barrier between the road and your tires giving you less traction, no matter what kind of tires you have.

One of the best tips we have for fall driving: Get up to date on vehicle maintenance. Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick GMC of Greer can help you get on the road safely this autumn.

Sierra Denali Electric to Join GMC Lineup

GMC Sierra Denali Electric | Greer, SC
GMC gives a first-look at its upcoming electric Sierra Denali pickup, previewing the truck’s unique and premium exterior lighting sequence.

Want to go green and switch to an electric vehicle — without compromising on power and capability? GMC recently unveiled the perfect vehicle for you. The brand has just announced the fully electric Sierra Denali pickup.

In its debut, the truck showed off its signature exterior lighting sequence alongside that of the upcoming GMC Hummer EV Pickup. This thrilling new truck will only be available in the popular range-topping Denali trim level.

“Sierra Denali holds tremendous equity for GMC and our customers,” stated Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC. “We now have an opportunity to evolve Sierra’s capabilities and technologies, as afforded by transitioning to an all-electric propulsion while also elevating the luxurious design and comfort associated with Denali.”

When the Sierra Denali Electric launches, it will be the third EV in the brand’s lineup, following the GMC Hummer EV SUV and GMC Hummer EV Pickup. Much like its siblings, the new Sierra Denali Electric will be built upon the Ultium Platform and boast all the upscale touches and premium features you’d expect to find in a Denali model.

Although no release date has been set yet, it’s been confirmed that the Sierra Denali Electric will be made right here in America, at the GM Factory ZERO Assembly Plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.

More details about the Sierra Denali Electric will be revealed later in the year. For more information, stay tuned to the Bradshaw Automotive blog or visit our website.