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Best Holiday Gifts for Chevrolet Fans

Present | Greer, SC

Looking for that perfect present for the Chevrolet enthusiast in your life? These great holiday gifts for Chevy fans are just what you need to wrap up holiday cheer in a bowtie.

Cool Drinkware

Don’t let the Chevy fan in your life drink their coffee out of a boring tumbler. With fun designs that stand out, durable Chevrolet tumblers are great conversation starters that keep your cup o’ joe warm all day long. But why stop there? You can also pick up a cool ceramic mug, Pewabic tile coaster, or a stone tile coaster depicting an iconic Chevy Truck.

Must-Have Apparel

Love for Chevrolet is something fans want to wear on their sleeve. You can help a special someone do just that, quite literally, by scooping up a wardrobe’s worth of Chevy apparel. From t-shirts and long-sleeves to hoodies and soft-shell jackets to hats and watches, there’s no shortage of ways to accessorize with Chevrolet.

For Fans of All Ages

If the Chevy fan in your life is on the younger side, you’ll find great holiday gifts for them as well. Chevrolet has plush bears and dogs perfect for young kids as well as a cool diecast version of the rugged Colorado ZR2 for the budding off-road enthusiast.

Check out the General Motors Company Store to get your fix of holiday gifts for Chevy fans. If you need help picking something out, or if you want to get must-have accessories for your loved one’s Chevrolet, stop in and talk to the gift-giving experts at Bradshaw Automotive in Greer, South Carolina.

Upcoming Events at Greenville’s Peace Center

Peace Center

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live, March 2-3, 2017

Gather up the kids for a family-friendly event that takes you back 65 million years. This performance lets you interact with incredibly lifelike dinosaurs while teaching you about pre-historic Australia. Tickets are $10.

Amos Lee, March 10, 2017

Fans of soulful, American folk music are in for a real treat when acclaimed songwriter Amos Lee comes to town. His beautiful songs will charm you, entertain you, and leave you feeling enriched. Impress a date with this performance or share it with a friend. Tickets are $35-55.

Taj Express: The Bollywood Musical Revue, March 12, 2017

For years, Bollywood music and movies have been entertaining audiences across the globe. Its combination of colorful, traditional garb, rich sounds and inspiring dances make for an exceptional, unique style. Taj Express brings together the best of Bollywood, past and present, for one special live performance. Tickets are $25+.

Chevrolet Turns Up the Charm With a Real Lego Batmobile

real lego Batmobile - bradshaw automotive - greer, scThe Lego Batman Movie is sure to be a great experience for all ages, but the last thing most people expected was for Chevrolet to team up with Lego to create a real Lego Batmobile. The brand kicked off the 2017 North American International Auto Show with a blast by showing off the 100% functional life-size Lego vehicle as part of its Detroit auto presentation. The debut of the unique vehicle was unveiled alongside a new commercial for the Lego Batmobile featuring Lego Mini Figures.

The advertisement is a spoof of the “Real People, Not Actors” ad campaign that Chevy has been implementing, with the tagline “Real Lego Mini Figures, Not Actors.” The commercial to commemorate the Batmobile’s unveiling is lighthearted and fun, with the audience speculating what sort of person would drive the Lego Batmobile.

The Lego Batmobile took 222 hours to design, consists of just under 345,000 Lego blocks, and weighs almost 1,700 lbs. It also has a real powertrain, with a capable engine underneath the hood. Using the tie-in with the new Lego Batman Movie isn’t just smart marketing; it’s a throwback to the old 1989 Batman movie, which featured a Batmobile constructed from two Chevy Impala chassis. The real Lego Batmobile is technically for sale – but unless you have $48 million sitting around, the price is a little steep.

Best Back to School Cars for the 2016-2017 School Year

It definitely isn’t too late to look at back to school cars, even if school has already started for you. Labor Day weekend is the Black Friday of auto sales, so save your car shopping for that weekend and get a great deal on one of these perfect cars for students!

Chevy Spark Is Among the Best back to school cars
Head Back to School in a Chevy Spark!

A favorite for students is the 2016 Chevy Spark. A tiny subcompact car with great fuel economy, parents will be happy for their teen to drive something easy to maneuver and comes with a small sticker price. The Chevy Sonic also tends to pop up on back to school lists thanks to its small size, cool styling, and safety-oriented features like Siri Eyes Free.

Chevy is also integrating “Teen Mode” into some of its cars, so keep an eye out for that. The 2016 Chevy Malibu has Teen Mode, which lets parents use a PIN to give information to parents about how teens are driving as well as muting the sound system until seatbelts are buckled and even lowers the maximum speed the car can go.

If you want to spring for something a little more pricey, the Buick Encore is a fun choice for students. It’s spacious and has plenty of room for your athlete’s gear, but it’s still compact and easy to maneuver. These are just some of the great cars parents and teens can agree on, so if you’re still not sure, ask us more at Bradshaw Automotive!

Tips for Recovering a Stolen Vehicle

Recovering a stolen vehicleRecovering a stolen vehicle can be much easier if you follow specific steps, and if you take the necessary preventative measures. Although it can be especially stressful and frightening to have your car stolen, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Always stay calm. Vehicles are stolen every 44 seconds in the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. That means it’s not unlikely for your vehicle to be taken, especially depending on your location. Before you do anything else, take some deep breaths and make sure you are in a safe location.

Make sure it’s actually stolen. Though it might sound simple, Allstate notes that one of the first things to do when your car is missing is to check for “No Parking” signs. Also look for fire hydrants, private drives, or any other reason your car might have been towed. Your car may also have been repossessed, depending on whether or not you’ve been paying bills.

Call the police. Regardless of whether your vehicle was impounded or stolen, you’ll have to call the police. Most tow-truck drivers are required to inform the police when towing vehicles, so you can discover where your car is through a phone call. If it was stolen, a police report will be essential for insurance and warranty purposes.

You’ll need the following materials for the police:

  • A detailed description
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • License Plate
  • Registration
  • Driver’s License

Try and keep copies at home in a safe place at all times, that way you are prepared if your car is stolen.

Contact your insurance. Aside from getting cash for your policy, you should call insurance to know that you are not using your vehicle any more. If a thief uses your car for illegal activity, you can’t be held liable if you call beforehand and report your car stolen.

Prevent theft in the first place. Always park in well-lit locations, and be sure to lock your car. Keep your windows closed, and be sure to hide any valuables. If possible, get a LoJack or OnStar system to keep track of your car in the event it is lost or stolen. This will help police find your car before it’s lost forever. Finally, purchase comprehensive or GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage to keep you protected financially if your car is stolen.

Having your vehicle stolen is a very stressful time and we at Bradshaw Greer hope it never happens to you!

3 Reasons to Drive to Your Summer Getaway Instead of Fly

2015 Chevrolet Malibu

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, it’s likely you’re considering catching a plane to your warm-weather destination of choice. But why not drive instead? Driving to a summer getaway has just as many benefits as flying, if not more! Here are a few reasons why you should drive instead of fly.


Staring out of the window of a commercial airliner can be gratifying, but it can’t make you feel as if you’re part of the scene. It’s like the difference between seeing something in person and seeing something on TV. Driving allows you to experience your surroundings in a visceral way. Plus, if you see something pretty, you can stop and gawk all you want.


Commercial airliners fly at around 500 mph. Even if you’re a lead foot, your top speeds in a car are significantly less than 1/5 of that. Flying saves time, right? Well, when you add safety screenings and everything else that comes with flying—like parking a half-mile away, waiting for the shuttle, taking the shuttle, waiting for the shuttle to pick others, etc.—flying is awfully time-consuming. And stressful!

Despite all of that, flying will still probably beat driving when it comes to the quantity of time. What about the quality of time? Flying just really can’t compete with driving when it comes to fun.


Even if you’re not a particularly claustrophobic person, sitting for hours inside of an airliner can really rob you of any sense of space. Not to mention, airline seats are actually getting smaller. According to the USA Today, seats on some carriers have shrunk as much as three inches! With this decrease in personal space, driving in a car is just that much more appealing.

If you prefer to drive instead of fly, stop by Bradshaw Automotive today to pick out the perfect car to travel in!

Buick AudioBook Integration Coming Soon

Students Reading

Phone connectivity is a relatively new innovation in the auto industry, but introduction of smartphone compatibility such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have opened a realm of new possibilities to car manufacturers. Buick is one manufacturer that has jumped at the opportunity for further expanding integration of online apps. The company’s latest innovation is Buick AudioBook integration, allowing drivers to “read” while they’re driving.

This feat was accomplished through the inclusion of both Apple CarPlay and OnStar 4G LTE wireless connectivity in newer Buick models, in addition to the IntelliLink infotainment system that comes standard to the company’s lineup. General Motors has plans to roll out the feature across all GM vehicles, but studies show that Buick drivers are 30-percent more likely to read for pleasure.

Buick AudioBook integration begins in the 2016 LaCrosse and Regal, which allows iPhone users to access the app through the vehicles’ Apple CarPlay connectivity. The app will then allow users to stream their favorite book in the comfort of their own car.  Which book would you want to stream to your vehicle while you are driving?  Tell us at Bradshaw Automotive if you would use this new AudioBook feature in your next vehicle!

Fall Car Care Tips

Fall Road

Fall is officially here—the temperatures are cooling off, the leaves are starting to change, and you can finally wear your favorite sweatshirts again. While you’re enjoying all your pumpkin-flavored food and putting out your Halloween decorations, don’t forget to take care of your car.

Here are a few fall car care tips to get you through this season and prepare you for the next.

  1. Wiper blades. Fall weather usually means more rain. You don’t want to be caught in a storm with ineffective wipers blades, so make sure they aren’t cracked or torn. As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months.
  2. You don’t want your brakes to fail when you’re trying to stop on a slick road. Have them inspected to make sure the pads aren’t overly worn and everything works properly.
  3. HVAC system. Make sure everything in the heating and cooling systems in your car works. Even when it’s cold outside, air conditioning is important when it comes to removing moisture from the inside of your windows.
  4. As the temperatures drop, so will the pressure in your tires. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly and check for any signs of excessive wear, like bulges or bald spots on your tires. You also want to make sure the tread is deep enough so you have enough traction to navigate over wet roads.
  5. Check your battery to make sure all the connectors are corrosion-free. It is also a good idea to have the battery and charging system checked to make sure they are ready for the cold weather ahead. If your battery is older than 3, it may be time to replace it.

Schedule a service appointment at Bradshaw Automotive and we’ll make sure your car is ready for the colder weather ahead.

Chevy’s New Roads Magazine Is Sure to Appeal to Chevy Fans

back roads

If you’ve ever felt as a Chevrolet fan like there wasn’t a perfect magazine out there that reflected your interest and needs, we at Bradshaw Chevrolet are proud to say those days might be over. Called New Roads, Chevrolet has created a lifestyle magazine that should have any self-respecting Chevy owner turning the pages with enthusiasm.  Chevy’s New Roads Magazine is sure to have topics that interest many readers!

As you’d expect, the magazine is largely about Chevrolet vehicles. As GM Authority noted, one issue featured the results of a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06’s track test as well as a feature on the upcoming Bolt.  You can be assured that many of Chevy’s sports models will be featured in this magazine.

But then the magazine does a good job of filling in the rest of pages with cool articles on the things that make the good life good, like home improvements and a “Spring Grilling Guide.”  Chevy’s New Roads magazine also affords glimpses of what’s going on at GM headquarters from interviews with players like Pam Fletcher, Chevrolet Volt engineer.

GM Authority reported the “photography is first-rate”—for those who open a magazine and are only interested in seeing the pretty pictures.  So tell us at Bradshaw Automotive what you think of the new magazine?  Is it something you would want to subscribe to?

Consumer Reports Updates Its Car Ratings System

With consumer preferences changing, cars performing better, faster, quieter, and more efficiently, Consumer Reports has announced it is updating its rating system, shifting the focus based on current consumer preferences and raising the bar on some performance features.

According to Consumer Reports, “We’ve recently modified our scoring ­system so that the individual ratings we give to certain aspects of a vehicle’s ­performance align better with our ­testers’ assessments and our written ­reviews.” Now, more weight goes to a vehicle’s ride comfort and quietness and the bar has been raised for the acceleration and braking performance.

A clear example of these higher standards is the Chevrolet Corvette, which delivered shorter breaking distance than any car Consumer Reports has ever recorded before.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette in Greer, South Carolina

In general, scores may have moved slightly up or down, but no car was affected dramatically.

“We think the scoring modifications better reflect the preferences of today’s consumers and provide a more realistic perspective of how current ­vehicles stack up with one another. These scores are now reflected across”

Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Greer, SC is excited to see how these Consumer Reports changes will affect car sales! Stay tuned for more updates!