Buick AudioBook Integration Coming Soon

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Phone connectivity is a relatively new innovation in the auto industry, but introduction of smartphone compatibility such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have opened a realm of new possibilities to car manufacturers. Buick is one manufacturer that has jumped at the opportunity for further expanding integration of online apps. The company’s latest innovation is Buick AudioBook integration, allowing drivers to “read” while they’re driving.

This feat was accomplished through the inclusion of both Apple CarPlay and OnStar 4G LTE wireless connectivity in newer Buick models, in addition to the IntelliLink infotainment system that comes standard to the company’s lineup. General Motors has plans to roll out the feature across all GM vehicles, but studies show that Buick drivers are 30-percent more likely to read for pleasure.

Buick AudioBook integration begins in the 2016 LaCrosse and Regal, which allows iPhone users to access the Audiobooks.com app through the vehicles’ Apple CarPlay connectivity. The app will then allow users to stream their favorite book in the comfort of their own car.  Which book would you want to stream to your vehicle while you are driving?  Tell us at Bradshaw Automotive if you would use this new AudioBook feature in your next vehicle!

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