Fall Car Care Tips

Fall Road

Fall is officially here—the temperatures are cooling off, the leaves are starting to change, and you can finally wear your favorite sweatshirts again. While you’re enjoying all your pumpkin-flavored food and putting out your Halloween decorations, don’t forget to take care of your car.

Here are a few fall car care tips to get you through this season and prepare you for the next.

  1. Wiper blades. Fall weather usually means more rain. You don’t want to be caught in a storm with ineffective wipers blades, so make sure they aren’t cracked or torn. As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months.
  2. You don’t want your brakes to fail when you’re trying to stop on a slick road. Have them inspected to make sure the pads aren’t overly worn and everything works properly.
  3. HVAC system. Make sure everything in the heating and cooling systems in your car works. Even when it’s cold outside, air conditioning is important when it comes to removing moisture from the inside of your windows.
  4. As the temperatures drop, so will the pressure in your tires. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly and check for any signs of excessive wear, like bulges or bald spots on your tires. You also want to make sure the tread is deep enough so you have enough traction to navigate over wet roads.
  5. Check your battery to make sure all the connectors are corrosion-free. It is also a good idea to have the battery and charging system checked to make sure they are ready for the cold weather ahead. If your battery is older than 3, it may be time to replace it.

Schedule a service appointment at Bradshaw Automotive and we’ll make sure your car is ready for the colder weather ahead.

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