Chevy’s New Roads Magazine Is Sure to Appeal to Chevy Fans

back roads

If you’ve ever felt as a Chevrolet fan like there wasn’t a perfect magazine out there that reflected your interest and needs, we at Bradshaw Chevrolet are proud to say those days might be over. Called New Roads, Chevrolet has created a lifestyle magazine that should have any self-respecting Chevy owner turning the pages with enthusiasm.  Chevy’s New Roads Magazine is sure to have topics that interest many readers!

As you’d expect, the magazine is largely about Chevrolet vehicles. As GM Authority noted, one issue featured the results of a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06’s track test as well as a feature on the upcoming Bolt.  You can be assured that many of Chevy’s sports models will be featured in this magazine.

But then the magazine does a good job of filling in the rest of pages with cool articles on the things that make the good life good, like home improvements and a “Spring Grilling Guide.”  Chevy’s New Roads magazine also affords glimpses of what’s going on at GM headquarters from interviews with players like Pam Fletcher, Chevrolet Volt engineer.

GM Authority reported the “photography is first-rate”—for those who open a magazine and are only interested in seeing the pretty pictures.  So tell us at Bradshaw Automotive what you think of the new magazine?  Is it something you would want to subscribe to?

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